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Scared woman on date with man who wouldn’t leave finds out he’s a murderer

Police made a grisly find when they arrived at the home of a panicked woman who called the cops on an internet date who wouldn't leave.

Cat killer David Iwo, 23, had just the day before the date brutally murdered a retired lawyer with a hammer before travelling across the country to escape the scene of the crime, the Liverpool Echo reports.

Slain Martin Decker, 69, hired Iwo as a sex worker in the Wirral, Merseyside before he was tragically bludgeoned to death.

As Mr Decker turned around to fetch the £250 he promised to pay, Iwo beat him numerous times with a hammer.

The retired man's head wounds were so severe and sudden he didn't get time to defend himself, a pathologist told Preston Crown Court.

Homeless Iwo "made the conscious decision" to kill men who hired him for sex work and steal their money.

He was jailed for life with a minimum term of 33 years in prison after pleading guilty to Mr Decker's murder on March 6 this year.

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Bizarrely, Iwo also killed as many as 30 cats in the Norwich area in the months before murdering Mr Decker.

Those crimes had gained him the nickname the "NR3 Cat Killer", which emerged after his arrest for murder.

Minutes before his sentencing at Preston Crown Court Iwo sacked his legal team and told a judge he had "nothing to say" in his defence.

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Iwo left Liverpool on a train from Lime Street and arrived at the unsuspecting woman's house on Neptune Walk, Dartford.

After spending the night police received a call because he was refusing to leave.

Cops arrived at the property and he was allowed to leave, as his other crimes weren't yet clear.

Iwo then went to a hotel in London.

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Yet by March 10, CCTV searches led to his identification and he was detained at the London hotel.

A search warrant was gained for the Neptune Walk property, where cops found a striking object.

Underneath a couch cushion, Iwo had stashed a claw hammer with visible bloodstains on the head and handle.

DNA testing confirmed the blood was Mr Decker's.

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In subsequent police interviews Iwo said he did not see Mr Decker as a person, but rather an "objective".

Iwo was assessed by psychiatrists and told them he believed the killing was a "progression" from his "hobby" of torturing and killing cats.

He also said he would never have stopped killing and robbing gay men until he was caught, adding he was surprised it had happened after his "first murder".

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Judge Mr Justice Jacobs told Iwo he felt particularly sorry for Mr Decker, who was caring for his octogenarian mother at the time of his vicious killing.

He said: "Martin Decker was a distinguished lawyer and civil servant. His hard work over the years had entitled him to an enjoyable retirement during which he would have continued to care for his mother, now in her 80s, as he had with the assistance of other family members over many years.

"At the time that you murdered him, in the most brutal fashion, he was 69-years-old and in no position to defend himself from an attack which had no forewarning.

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"He leaves behind grieving family members and I have read moving statements from his mother, his brother Jeremy who will have to live forever with the trauma of finding his brother lying dead in his home and then having to tell his mother what had happened, and his sister-in-law Carole and his two nieces Anna and Charlotte.

"Their statements describe the sadness, numbness, anger and mental devastation of all the family whose lives have forever been changed by your senseless brutality."

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