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Schoolboy, 13, accused of sexual harassment for refusing to call girl ‘they’

A teenager, 13, who refused to refer to a non-binary classmate as ‘they’ or ‘them’ says he fears he will never go to college as he has been accused of sexual assault.

Wisconsin middle schooler Braden Rabidoux was landed with the complaint after referring to the student as "she".

Braden, along with two other class mates, were reportedly berated by their classmate for not respecting they’re pronouns.

In an interview with Fox News, the terrified teenager has said the allegation has made him anxious and upset.

He said: “I was anxious and scared and upset because I didn’t know what was going to happen.

“But mostly anxious for my present self and my future self because a charge like that on my record could shatter my chances at getting into a college when I grow up.”

Braden has said that it’s his ‘First-Amendment right’ to refuse to use the person’s pronouns and his family lawyers are now fighting the charge, reports the Mail.

Luke Berg, from the Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty argued that the charges don’t fit with what Braden did.

He said: “Sexual harassment covers really egregious stuff, not simply using the so-called wrong pronoun.

“The school’s theory seems to be that any use of a wrong pronoun is automatically punishable speech under Title XI, and if that is truly their position, that is a truly egregious First Amendment violation.”

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Braden’s mother Rosemary Rabidoux has also blasted the school and described her shock at the allegations.

She said: “This is middle school. These guys are kids, they’re learning how to interact with each other, and they’ve been taught all their life to see a girl and use pronouns "she" and "her." They don’t understand using plural pronouns for one student

"Schools should be focused on education, on math and science and social studies, and not… pronouns.

“I'm thinking, sexual harassment? That's rape, that's inappropriate touching, that's incest. What has my son done?

“He's being allegedly charged with sexual harassment for not using proper pronouns. I thought it wasn't real! I thought this has got to be a gag, a joke — one has nothing to do with the other.”

Kiel School District has refused to comment on the incident but stressed that district officials "continue to support ALL students regardless of sex (including transgender status, change of sex or gender identity)".

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