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Schoolgirl's complaint about 'sexist' Coco Pops slogan excluding dads helps persuade Kellogg's to change it

A GIRL of ten wrote to Kellogg's to complain about a sexist slogan on a box of Coco Pops – and the cereal giant wrote back saying they were changing it.

Hannah-Marie Clayton said the "Loved By Kids, Approved By Mums" banner wrongly excludes dads.

She wrote: "I feel that quote is quite sexist. Men are also able to make breakfast.

"My dad does it a lot for me, because my mum works away a lot and is not always there for breakfast."

She recommended changing mums to "parents or carers", adding: "In this world today we shouldn't just rely on women."

Now Kellogg's has replied and said it would change the wording when it updated the packaging.


The company said in a letter to the schoolgirl: "Apologies for any offence caused and thank you for your feedback, which has played a part in our decision to change."

Hannah-Marie of Bournemouth, Dorset, said she was infuriated by the slogan.

She said: "My mum was away so I was just with my dad when I saw it on the cereal box.

"It made me think that dads should be included as well because they are important too.

"Also, some people don't have a mum and they might find it upsetting."

Mum Anne-Marie said: "I am very proud of her, and I'm very pleased Kellogg's bothered to get back to her.

"I work for an airline and I'm away quite a lot, so my husband is there for breakfast.

"Hannah-Marie felt strongly that the 'Approved by Mums' label should include dads, or even grandparents and carers.

"So I told her if she wanted to make a change she should write to Kellogg's.

"I provided the stamps and she just got on with it. She was so chuffed to get a response.

"This experience has taught her you can make a difference if you voice an opinion – even if it's to a large corporation.

"I think Hannah-Marie will go far in life."



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Kellogg's said: "Thank you to Hannah-Marie for writing to us and telling us about her family breakfast. It is always great to hear from our Coco Pops fans.

"We have now changed the wording on our new reduced sugar Coco Pops packs to say 'Approved by Parents'.

"We agree with Hannah-Marie, dads love to have Coco Pops too."

Campaign group Fathers4justice claim the slogan was changed  after they protested in the Peterborough branch of Asda on September 4, throwing boxes of the cereal on the floor and pouring milk over it.

After the incident Kellogg's tweeted: "We’ve listened to Coco Pops shoppers and changed the wording on our new reduced sugar Coco Pops packs. The message on Coco Pops packs will now say ‘Approved by Parents'."

In July fans of Coco Pops were not happy when Kellogg's changed the recipe to cut levels of sugar and salt.

And in May a student claimed he has found the world's largest Crunchy Nut Cornflake measuring six inches across.

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