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Scott Thompson: Protesters put rights of pigs before rights of humans

Canada is a free country and most can do as they please within the boundary of law.

Those rights also apply to a group of individuals who are hell-bent on stopping you from eating pigs and are willing to wade out into active lanes of traffic to do so.

The group that gathers regularly around various food processing plants wants these companies to sign a vigil agreement to ensure the protesters’ safety.

They want the plants to stop the trucks for five minutes at the gate so they can protest, bear witness and supply water before slaughter.

They have a right to protest, but they have no right to stop a legal business and demand they hold trucks for five minutes because the protesters are running into traffic.

If you want safety, do as your parents taught you — stay out of traffic.

Protest until the cows — or pigs — come home, but don’t blame others for accidents caused by your own stupidity and lawlessness.

And on the pig front, I understand you don’t want to eat them, but why don’t you understand some do?

It’s not about pigs, it’s about a human’s right to choose.

However, some extreme activist groups don’t get that, either.

Bacon, anyone?

Scott Thompson is the host of The Scott Thompson Show on Global News Radio 900 CHML.

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