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Seagull helps itself to mother's ICE CREAM as she cradles baby on pier

Don’t mind this seagull dropping in? He’s a bit peckish! Amazing image shows bird helping itself to mother’s ICE CREAM as she cradles baby on pier

  • Broadcaster Alex Humphreys shared the image of the bird on Tuesday, May 10
  • The cheeky seagull swooped in to steal some ice cream from her cousin, Louise
  • It happened while she was holding her baby on Llandudno pier, in north Wales

A family day out should be a relaxing affair. 

But for those who dare to indulge in seaside treats, danger lurks around every corner. 

Rarely is the moment a pesky seagull swoops to steal a bite of food captured on camera. 

The offending seagull was caught in the act of stealing the ice cream from Louise while she was stood on Llandudno pier

But this bird was caught in the act as it dropped in on a mother enjoying a mint chocolate chip ice cream on the 19th-century pier in Llandudno, North Wales. 

Cradling her baby, she appeared unaware of the seagull stealing a bite. 

Sharing the picture of her cousin Louise, Welsh BBC presenter Alex Humphreys said: ‘Learning the hard way why you should never eat an ice cream on Llandudno prom!’

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