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‘Selfish’ Porsche driver parks flash motor on pavement leaving locals furious

Glasgow residents are fuming after a Porsche owner parked their car on the pavement directly outside a local restaurant, virtually blocking the street for pedestrians.

Facebook user Kathleen Finlay Gordon posted a photo of the offending vehicle, showing how it occupied almost all of the footway between newly-opened Shawlands restaurant Oscar's on Glasgow’s Skirving Street, Glasgow Live reports.

Her caption succinctly read: “WTF?”

Apart from the fact that the parked car would make life very difficult for a parent pushing a buggy, or a partially-sighted person, Kathleen pointed out that it would be even more dangerous once the driver started to drive off.

"I mean that Porsche could reverse and a child or anyone could be running round that corner straight into it,” she told Glasgow Live.

“Just wish these new places gave a thought to the community."

She added that the owner of the Porsche seems to just park on that corner “wherever they want”.

Other local residents have blasted the car owner as 'selfish' and several have said that the irresponsible parking is a "regular occurrence in the area".

Indeed, other locals have began to share their pictures of cars similarly parked on the pavement right outside shops and restaurants.

One wrote: "Selfish git as an ex worker for the guide dogs for the blind people who park on pavements or even half on them should be towed away."

Chief C***stable is the creator of hugely popular Twitter account YPLAC, which doesn’t mince its words as it names and shames the worst parking offenders.

He told Daily Star Online that all too often, drivers who park like this claim it’s because they were “in a hurry”.

But in fact, he says, parking like this only serves to demonstrate that you are “a careless **** and probably need to retake your driving test".

"‘Sorry, I cut off a roundabout/drove through a pedestrianised precinct/knocked down your kid, I was in a hurry'.

“A world without selfish ****s like this would be the end of our blog, but it's something we'd be willing to sacrifice, quite frankly.”

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