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Sex toys to vibrate in sync with US election results to delight political fans

An adult site has launched a platform which allows sex toys to vibrate in correlation to US election results as they come in.

As polls close and election results begin to trickle, those using the sex toy will be able to enjoy vibrations according to the results which will be tailored to their preferences.

CamSoda has unveiled the "Pollcast 2.0" system which allows males and females to synchronise vibrations after selecting which candidate's results they wish to follow.

Daryn Parker, VP of CamSoda: “This election, regardless of which side of the aisle you are on, will be one of the most important of our generation.

"Millions of Americans will be glued to their televisions on November 3rd eagerly anticipating the results, hoping their preferred candidate is announced as the President-elect or Senator-elect.

"Instead of staying up all night filled with anxiety and trepidation, Americans can synch their favourite interactive sex toy to the results and go about their normal routine.

"As the results trickle in, their sex toy will vibrate accordingly. If their toy vibrates a lot and they receive multiple orgasms, that’s good. If it doesn’t vibrate…well…they might want to head over to CamSoda and fap away their sorrows.”

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The platform, which tracks results of the election in real-time, will distribute vibrations to the synced devices that correlate to live results.

Vibrations will occur more frequently (up to 100 vibrations per minute) if a user’s selected candidate is winning.

However, vibrations will occur less frequently (up to 25 vibrations per minute) if a user’s selected candidate is losing.

As the results continue to trickle in, the vibrations will increase or decrease through the duration of the night.

The company has launched similar platforms before, including SuperCast, a platform for women to enjoy the Super Bowl by synching their connected live sex toy to their team’s performance, just like fantasy football.

It also launched DerbyCast, a platform for women to enjoy the Kentucky Derby by synching their connected live sex toy to their favourite horse as it ran around the track.

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