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Sheep with one eye and crooked mouth stolen by callous thieves in farm heist

The hunt is on for a heartless gang of sheep-rustlers who stole a deformed sheep named Scuzzy that has been described as “Britain's ugliest sheep”.

The nine-month-old Texel lamb was last seen on January 6 playing in a field near her home in Northumberland.

She was born with deformed features which means she only has one eye and her mouth is locked into a lopsided grimace.

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Fans on social media quickly called her 'Britain's ugliest sheep' after snaps of her wonky expressions were posted online. Her owner Michelle Pouton jokingly named her Scuzzy and kept her as a pet on the farm she runs near St Oswald's Way on the edge of Rothbury.

Michelle, 60, fears Scuzzy may have been stolen on account of her bizarre features.

She said: "She was one of four lambs who was born but was the only one with a disfigured face.

"I instantly grew to love her and took her in as a pet. She's never wanted to be with the other sheep and she just follows me around the farm.

"She's very small because she can't eat lots of pellets because her mouth is twisted but she's such a happy little thing."

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Michelle added that because of Scuzzy's size, she hasn't been able to tag her ear but up until now the unique farm animal has never ventured further than 200 yards away from the farm house.

"I'm devastated she's gone. I can only think that perhaps someone saw her and felt sorry for her so took her in not knowing she was a loved pet.

"It's either that or someone has stolen her because of the way she looks and thought she'd make a funny looking pet.

"She might be known as Britain's ugliest sheep but we really want her back."

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Michelle has launched a major appeal on Facebook with pictures of Scuzzy in a desperate bid for information.

She added: "If Scuzzy had been run over or fell into a ditch, someone would have seen her and let me know.

"I've had the bin men and the lads who collect dead animals from farms, check hedgerows and fields but there have been no sightings.

"In desperation I contacted the police and the sergeant told me in 22 years he'd never investigated a case like this one.

"We don't care who has got Scuzzy or why she was taken, we just want her home."

Michelle is even liaising with an animal charity who have said they will put up a reward for information leading to her safe return.


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