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Sicamous home invasion suspects still at large, woman ‘absolutely traumatized’

They threatened to cut her fingers off.

Family members of a B.C. woman who was beaten in a violent home invasion in Sicamous earlier this week spoke to Global News on Saturday.

Global News is protecting the identity of the woman — who is battling three types of cancer — and the family members.

According to police, the home invasion took place on Kappel Street at approximately 6:24 a.m., when two armed men forced their way inside the home while a third suspect, a female, waited outside. Police said a 59-year-old female occupant was inside the home, and that she was bound and assaulted as the suspects stole two small safes, jewelry and prescription drugs, then fled in a white Ford truck.

That white truck, a 2003 F350 Dually reported stolen out of Armstrong, B.C., was located on Friday.

In describing the invasion, police said the woman was also held at gunpoint and kicked in the face, suffering a fractured nose.

Family members went into more detail about just how violent the theft really was.

“They came in and they hog-tied her and beat her up and stole a bunch of her stuff,” said a family member. “They had her hands zip-tied and they tied the bandanna around her mouth so tight that it created a lump in the back of her neck. The doctor said it almost broke her neck.”

“They threatened to cut her fingers off because she has a bunch of rings on her hand and they were having trouble getting the rings off.”

Family members said the two men wore bandannas, adding they put a gun to her head, telling they were going to kill her.

“She’s traumatized,” said a family member. “Absolutely traumatized.”

“And when she [was] reaching for her cellphone, they smashed her hand with a baton and broke her hand.”

A family member said the woman was able to free herself and run outside when the thieves, busy carting stuff from the house to the truck, weren’t paying attention to her. When she got outside, the woman screamed for help, then ran to a neighbour’s home.

“And then [the thieves] fled,” said a family member.

RCMP say the suspects are still at large and that they are considered to be armed and dangerous.

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