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Simpsons 'predicted' Ted Cruz Cancun scandal as fans spot Mayor Quimby fled to Bahamas in a pandemic in 1993 episode

FANS of The Simpsons are convinced the show "predicted" Ted Cruz's Cancun scandal as Mayor Quimby fled to the Bahamas during a pandemic in an episode from 1993.

The Texas senator has come under fire in recent days for flying to Mexico with his family for a holiday during a winter storm that left thousands without power and water.

On Twitter, many Simpsons fans have pointed out similarities between Cruz's holiday and Springfield Mayor Joe Quimby's response to a pandemic in an episode – 'Marge In Chains' – which aired almost three decades ago.

In the scene, Mayor Quimby claims during a television interview that he has canceled his vacation to help with the public health crisis.

The cartoon character declares: "Because of the epidemic I have cancelled my vacation to the Bahamas."

However, when the camera pans back it shows Mayor Quimby in a bathing suit as he films the press conference from a beach in the Bahamas.


Similarly, Cruz issued a statement saying he had flown to Cancun to accompany his family but had every intention to return immediately to Texas – where thousands of people have been left struggling because of severe weather.

The senator later admitted his trip was "a mistake", but said he was "just trying to be a dad".

A Simpson fan wrote on Twitter: "The Simpsons have done it again."

Another added: "Ted Cruz reminds me of the Mayor from the Simpsons."

Podcaster Jesse Brenneman wrote: "Surely this has been said, but not abandoning your constituents to take a tropical vacation is such a comically low bar that it's literally a Simpsons gag."

Photos of the Republican lawmaker at an airport on Wednesday fuelled outrage at how he had left Texas during a crisis which left millions of people facing water shortages.

Freezing temperatures have caused power blackouts at water treatment facilities and about 13 million Texans have been told to boil water that may be contaminated.

At least 58 people in Texas have been reported dead due to the freezing weather, however the exact number of fatalities won't be known for several months, according to the Texas Tribune.

The 'Marge in Chains' episode of the show is also thought to be a forecast of the time Austin Mayor Steve Adler urged families to stay home during the coronavirus pandemic while he was vacationing in sunny Mexico.

Fans are also convinced that the Simpsons had predicted Kamala Harris' vice presidency two decades ago.

In an episode from 2000, Lisa Simpson wore a purple suit and pearls when she became president – the same outfit Harris donned at the inauguration last month.

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