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‘Snow moon’ weather alert as freezing Brits warned of 48-hour cold snap

Brits have been told to keep warm and look out for high-risk people as a 48-hour cold snap is expected to hit our shores just in time for stargazers to see a "snow moon".

The Met Office has issued a warning that lasts until 6pm on Tuesday (February 7) that says that regions of England are expected to have cold nights and overnight frosts.

Forecasters said that an area of high pressure will "dominate" the UK's weather, with temperatures in the day returning to mid-single figures, which The Met Office says is normal for this time of year.

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Health experts recommended people more vulnerable to the cold, such as those over the age of 65 or those with health problems, should heat their homes to at least 18C.

The UK’s Health Security Agency also says that if this is not possible due to the cost of living crisis that people should heat just their living rooms during the day and bedrooms just before going to bed.

It also recommends that people wear several thin layers of clothing instead of one thick layer.

The Met Office’s warning comes just hours after forecasters warned that a massive “snow bomb” covering London to Aberdeen is likely to come at some point this month.

Stargazers hoping to catch the “snow moon”, the name for the second full moon of the year, will have to wrap up warm.

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The event is believed to have been given the name by tribes in North East America, who named it because of the heavy snow the season typically gets.

It is also called a “hunger moon” due to low temperatures and poor conditions for growing crops.

The snow moon, which arrived on Sunday (February 5) is expected to last until Tuesday night.

The snow moon was at its peak illumination on Sunday evening at around 6:30pm, according to NASA.

The planets Mars, Jupiter and Venus will also be visible in the night sky if it is clear enough.

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