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Startled woman, 33, returns home to find strange man wearing her CLOTHES cooking dinner after breaking in

A STARTLED woman returned to her flat to find a stranger cooking dinner while he was wearing her clothes.

The unnamed Toronto woman called the police after the discovery but Robert Anthony Stumpo, 35, managed to flee.

Stumpo was tracked down while still wearing women’s clothes and arrested, said police.

His mugshot showed him disorientated with a bruised face.

The 33-year-old woman had returned home to her flat in the Yonge Street and Gloucester Street area around 5pm to discover Stumpo in her kitchen.  

He has been charged with breaking and entering, and had his first court appearance on Wednesday.

“The accused had cooked a meal, stolen personal items, and was wearing clothing items belonging to the female,” Toronto police said.

“Police are seeking the public’s assistance, and information regarding any other possible victims.”

Earlier this year a terrified mum found a stranger had been living in her roof for three weeks after spotting objects mysteriously moving in her house. 

Monica Green, from Rockhampton in Queensland, Australia, noticed something was amiss when she saw things were out of place in her home.

Soon after, the mum-of-three found her security camera system had been disabled.

At first Ms Green dismissed her concerns – but after returning home from a doctor’s appointment on she knew something was wrong.

Entering her house, the mum found the air conditioning on, the back door open and a half cooked meal of chicken nuggets. 

The mum immediately called the police who discovered the attic hatch on the top floor was ajar. 

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