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Teen, 16, passed out in horror after her finger tip was ripped off when it got stuck in Reading Festival barrier

A TEEN reveller passed out in horror after her finger tip was ripped off when it got stuck in a barrier during a mosh pit at Reading Festival.

Summer Gibbs, 16, revealed she screamed and fainted after seeing the top of her finger be wrenched off as people danced around her over the weekend.

The teen had been waiting for an hour and a half to see Aitch when the huge mosh pit formed around her. 

But as people danced around her, she was squashed into the barriers with her finger pushed into a small gap.

The sixth-former from Basingstoke, Hampshire, told the The Sun Online: "I was trying to get security and my friends to notice but everyone was too distracted, so I passed out over the fence.

"Then when I woke up and I started screaming for help. I felt so panicked and just yanked my finger out. 

"It was hanging off and I was in and out of consciousness. Then once they lifted me out and I got to the medical tent, they put a tissue around my finger, which it then fell off in.

"I had a panic attack, my vision and hearing went and the numbness in my hand made me think I had fully lost my finger.

"I think the adrenaline and panic led to me having no pain the first hour. After an hour, after which I began scream in agony.

"'If it wasn’t for the fact I kept the part of my finger nail that fell off in the tissue, I would’ve grown back a deformed finger, but my finger should be back to normal in about three to four months.

A friend nearby filmed as she tried to get the attention of security.

In the viral TikTok video, huge groups of crammed people can be seen where she is squashed against the fence.

Eventually she was lifted out of the crowd by security and they lead her away to the stage, of which she had no memory.

And her friends were lifted out to accompany her to the medical tent.

Her friend who videoed the incident said: "I remember Aitch encouraging people to make the mosh pits bigger and bigger.

"As myself and Summer were at the front of the barriers you do get crushed a lot as you have no cushioning and no where else to go.

"I remember vividly that we all got pushed again but this time it was much bigger and much more rough which is why I turned my phone around to film the mosh pit.

"As I turned around I heard someone shout help and saw a lot of security pulling the barrier and calling out for more security to come and help.

"Being at the front of a barrier meant that you were constantly surrounded by big lads participating in the mosh pits.

"These mosh pits formed incredibly quickly, one minute you were enjoying the performance and the next you were crushed and could not move at all.

Summer added: "I was weary of mosh pits already and never really liked them but definitely will be ever more cautious."

The next day the barriers appeared to covered up with tape to prevent another incident.

Reading Festival has been approached for comment.


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