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Teen quit JD Sports after shift where ‘blood vessels burst’ from vomiting

A teenager quit JD Sports after allegedly being told it was too busy for her to go home sick – despite “bursting her blood vessels” from vomiting.

Sixth-former Jasmine Dinnie says she was told she’d be letting them down if she abandoned her shift.

But the 17-year-old said she was in no fit state to work after she vomited twice before even arriving at the shop.

She has since quit her job at Bluewater Shopping Centre in Kent and has taken to Facebook to warn others not to work at the JD Sports there.

Her post has attracted over 1,000 comments and over 1,000 shares.

JD Sports has since launched an investigation to look into the allegations.

She wrote: “So this is very unlike me however I felt it was necessary to share the way staff are treated at JD Sports Bluewater.

“I was warned by other people not to work here but I ignored it.

“I’ve worked here for a month now and I’ve come to realise how poorly the staff are spoken to based on my own experience and seeing it myself with others.”

And she went on to write: “One of the days I was really ill. I had thrown up twice in the morning but I managed to get myself in to work to show that I’ve put in the effort.

"I thought it if I continued to feel ill I’d be able to go home. I ended up being sick in one of the toilets and that wasn’t enough to leave. I was told that ‘today is too busy’ for me to leave, that it’s ‘not fair’ and that I’m letting her down.

“I had thrown up to the point where I had burst the blood vessels in my face so by that point I decided to leave as I wasn’t fit to work another five hours.”

Jasmine, from Greenhithe, Kent, went on to say the final straw was when she received a text message in all caps asking ‘WHERE ARE YOU?’ before calling.

The student said she explained to her boss that she was not late and was due to start her shift at 1pm.

Jasmine claimed there was no apology and said she was asked to go into a back room and “sort her attitude out” once she did arrive earlier this month.

And she said: “I am not a baby, I don't need to be spoken to like that or put in a time out.

“Bear in mind someone had already quit this week due to how she speaks to her staff. This then led to me quitting and caused an even bigger scene.

“I had three (staff members) in a row having a go at me on the shop floor with me obviously arguing back. I was told I’m no longer welcome in the store too.”

Jasmine finished the post with: “DO NOT WORK HERE I promise you they do not care for you."

The ex-JD Sports employee later edited the post to include the company HR email address to encourage other disgruntled workers to write to them with any complaints.

Afterwards Jasmine told the Daily Star she is happy to raise awareness about her experiences of working at the sports shop.

A statement from JD Sports read: “We are aware of the allegation on social media regarding our Bluewater store.

“This is being investigated in line with company protocol, and as such we cannot comment further at present.”

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