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Terrifying moment fireball engulfs boat in Brazil leaving five injured

Terrifying moment fireball engulfs boat as oil barrel explodes at Brazilian port leaving five injured

  • The explosion, in the town of Igarape-Miri, Brazil, totally engulfs three workmen
  • CCTV footage shows the boat’s occupants desperately fleeing the inferno
  • One workman valiantly throws himself into harm’s way to turn off the oil valve 
  • Two men were hospitalised after the tragedy that occurred on 8 October 

This is the terrifying moment a boat burst into flames after an oil spill, leaving five injured.   

Miraculously nobody died, but the shocking incident in the town of Igarape-Miri, Brazil, left two needing hospital treatment for their burns.

The dramatic CCTV footage shows a group of men working on the boat, when a barrel that is sitting on the gangway suddenly begins spouting out highly flammable liquid.

One of the workmen at the scene of the tragedy in Igarape-Miri, Brazil foresees the impending disaster, throwing himself into the water so he can turn the valve on the barrel and stop the oil leak

The man who was bobbing in the water is swallowed by the flames, while two workmen on the boat are momentarily consumed by the conflagration

The two workers on board the boat, named Comandante Lauro, escape: one jumping onto the neighbouring vessel and the other leaping onto shore 

Immediately the men realise the danger they’re in and one man jumps into the water so he can turn the valve on the barrel.

He does so successfully and the oil stops gushing from its container.

However, even before the oil has fully stopped leaking the oil combusts and immediately the gangway, vessel and men are all engulfed in flames.

A workman can be seen desperately running inshore, his whole body on fire. The second escaping port worker has reached the other end of the neighbouring vessel

Within seconds, the fire has intensified immensely, swallowing the vessel completely and letting off a thick black smoke

The man in the water disappears in a ball of flames, whilst two other men leap from the flaming wreck, one of whom is completely on fire as he runs out of the shot.

Within seconds the boat, named the Comandante Lauro, is no longer visible as the fire grows to the size of a house.

From the other side of the water, locals watch on in dismay as the vessel threatens to spread its flames still further

Plumes of black smoke fill the air as the boat burns, with residents capturing the shocking scenes on their mobile phones

A second shot shows the fire raging, with smoke bellowing hundreds of feet into the air, clearly causing damage to other crafts nearby.

Two men were flown to hospital after the event that took place in the port of Igarape-Miri in Brazil last Friday (8 October).

One man has third degree burns, while the others suffered first and second degree burns.

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