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The more money in a lost wallet, the greater chance it will be returned

LOST wallets are more likely to be returned when they contain a larger amount of money, scientists have found.

Researchers who left over 17,000 wallets around the world said that in 38 out of 40 countries studied, levels of honesty increased as the value of the contents rose.

The study, published in the journal ‘Science’, involved more than 17,300 “lost” wallets in 355 cities between 2013 and 2016. Each was a transparent card holder and contained a key, a grocery list and three business cards with contact details for the owner, who was made to look like a local resident.

They contained either no money, or the local equivalent of $13.45 (€11.87).

Researchers left the wallets in hotels, banks and post offices before recording whether the finder contacted the owner to return it within the next 100 days. Globally, around 40pc of the wallets containing no money were returned, compared with 51pc of those that contained cash. (© Daily Telegraph, London)

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