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Thousands of naked volunteers strip off for artwork on iconic Bondi Beach

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    Thousands of fearless naked people flashed the flesh as they stripped off on the beach for an art installation.

    Australians spilled out across Bondi beach stark naked, to model in artist Spencer Tunick's latest artwork.

    Local laws had to be changed to allow public nudity on the famous Australian coastline for artist Spencer Tunick's latest work on the iconic Bondi Beach.

    From 3.30am the participants came in their droves, thousands of people descending on the site to be photographed for the installation.

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    The amount of models, 2,500, represents the amount of people who die of skin cancer in Australia each year.

    “Skin unites us and protects us,” said Tunick, the artist. “I use the amazing array of body types and skin tones to create my work, so it feels perfectly appropriate to take part in this effort in that my medium is the nude human form.”

    The artwork was created with the charity Skin Check Champions during skin cancer awareness week in Australia.

    Tunick continued: "We have an opportunity to raise awareness about skin checks and I'm honoured… To come here, make my art and just celebrate the body and protection."

    The artist is renowned for creating works of large nude groups of people in iconic locations.

    In 2010, he photographed 5,200 naked people on the steps of Sydney's world famous opera house, another project intertwined with skin cancer awareness.

    The World Cancer Research fund has named Australia as the country worst affected by skin cancer.

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    One ballsy model has had brushes with skin healthcare in the past and enjoyed being part of the project.

    Bruce Fisher, 77, said"I've spent half my life in the sun and had a couple of malignant melanomas taken off my back. I thought this was a good cause and I love taking my clothes off on Bondi beach."

    Although the laws were changed to allow the photoshoot, participants were only allowed to remain nude until 10am, or risk being fined. After starting in the small hours of the morning, the artwork was complete at 7am, allowing a three hour window for models to embrace their nudist sides on Bondi for a little while longer.


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