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Tiny Chelsea 'student' flat as big as a car space costs £1,300 a month

A room fit for par-king! Chelsea studio flat measuring just 124sq ft – the size of a roadside car space – goes up for rent for £1,300 per month

  • The miniscule flat doesn’t have its own bathroom and is only fractionally bigger than an average prison cell 
  • The tiny room is 124sq ft, the same size of a car parking space, and is barely large enough to fit a double bed 
  • Estate agents describe the Chelsea pad as a ‘student-friendly’ double bedsit with a ‘fully-furnished kitchen’ 
  • But for a student to actually afford the rent, they would need to bring home at least £16,116 every year

A staggeringly expensive flat, the same size as a parking space, is being advertised as a ‘student-friendly’ bedsit in London for an eye-watering £1,343 per month.

The miniscule property, which is fractionally larger than the average UK prison cell, is based in the heart of the capital’s plush Chelsea.

But it is just 124sq ft and does not even have its own bathroom – and those living in it have to go outside to get to the washing machine. 

The double bedsit’s size is exactly the same as the average British parking space, at 24ft by 8ft. 

And for a student to afford the rent alone, they would have to be bringing in at least £16,116 a year. 

The miniscule bedsit, at 124sq ft, is the same size as the average British car parking space 

The room does not have its own toilet, with renters having to use a shared facility instead

Advertised as being ‘student-friendly’, the one-room pad is available to rent for £1,343 every month

Meanwhile the recommended government guidelines for the minimum size of a prison cell is 75.3sq ft but this is excluding the toilet cubicle. 

The room is described as a ‘fully furnished large double bedsit’ with a ‘fully equipped own kitchen’.

The bedsit shares the toilet and bathroom, which is cleaned every day by a housekeeper.

The flat is walking distance from Imperial College, the Natural History Museum and just a minute from the luxury shopping destination of the King’s Road.

But the first-floor studio comes with free Wi-Fi, wooden flooring and a large window allowing lots of natural light to pour in.

The property is described as ‘fully furnished’ and ‘fully equipped with its own kitchen’

It also advertises 24-hour CCTV and a caretaker from Monday to Saturday.

In the room there is a double bed, a half-height fridge, a sink and a hob with a microwave hung on a shelf.

There appears to be a storage space behind a curtain in the corner of the room, with a single chest of drawers beneath the small desk.

The small bathroom shows a sink, toilet and bath.

The washing machine appears to be outside the building – behind a large wooden door.

The flat – listed by RR Properties – will be available from March 2023.

RR have been contacted for comment.

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