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Tiny kitten’s ear hacked off with Stanley knife in attack of ‘pure cruelty’

A kitten that had part of its ear snipped off and was slashed under his tail is lucky to be alive following the "cruel" attack.

The five-week old cat was found covered in blood in Liverpool earlier this month, with the evil perpetrator thought to have used a Stanley knife, reports the Liverpool Echo.

The tiny animal – now named Pumpkin – was rushed to a cat rescue centre when he was found, and he has since had three operations.

Maria Miller, of County Cat Rescue, said: “A member of the public brought him in to us wrapped in a jumper, covered in blood.

“Someone had cut his ear clean off and slashed under his tail, taking all the fur off, to the bone, right to the tip. It’s barbaric.

“It was terrible. He's only five-weeks old and he was found abandoned on the street.

"I feel sick that someone could do something like that to a defenceless animal. He fits in the palm of my hand, he's that small.

"It's horrible to think someone could actually do that. That kitten would've died of infection if he hadn't come in when he did.”

Despite his dreadful injuries, Pumpkin is said to be recovering and coming along well.

On their Facebook page, the rescue centre posted: “You get used to seeing injuries but never like this caused by a human. What kind of creature would torture a little baby?”

Maria said she was seeing a rise in cats and kittens coming to their rescue.

“We are seeing a rise in animals being harmed, too,” she said.

“Four weeks ago we saw a kitten thrown over our wall, wrapped in a freezer bag with no fur.

“What we have seen with Pumpkin is just pure cruelty. This has nothing to do with the pandemic or needing to rehome a pet. Why do that to a baby?

“It's just cruel. If you have a pet that you can no longer look after for whatever reason, take them to a rescue.”

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