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Tornado smashes through Milan streets as crazy weather sweeps Europe

Terrifying moment tornado smashes through the streets of Milan as crazy weather sweeps Europe

  • Firefighters have been sent out to over 110 calls as floods devastate the city 
  • There are fears some people in the area may be injured 
  • One motorist ended up in a canal but managed to make a quick escape 

A menacing tornado has devastated the streets of the famed fashion capital Milan.

The footage details a terrifyingly dark grey twister barreling through the streets between Gessate and Cernusco sul Naviglio.

Debris can be seen swirling in the ominous dark grey sky, as black clouds loom over the city in Northern Italy.

The tornado began its tirade of destruction at around 11am local time (10am GMT) according to local media sources.

East of the Lombardy city, there have been reports of battered buildings and damaged trees, as the area has been plagued with heavy rain and wind.

Firefighters have also been ordered out to more than 110 calls, with floods ravishing the city, 

The terrifying tornado ripped through the streets of Milan, with many fearing multiple people could be injured

There are fears some individuals near the vicinity may have been injured, according to the Italian weather site MeteoWeb.

One car, in Cinisello Balsamo, was struck with a plant, fortunately the driver came away unharmed.

Another motorists ended up in a canal in the village of Bubbiano, in the province of Pavia, but luckily managed to make a quick escape to safety.

The terrifying tornado comes shortly after after a series of freak weather incidents in the Southern European country.

Firefighters were sent out to more than 110 calls, while floods ravished the city and bad weather battered buildings and trees

At least 110 people were injured when tennis ball sized hail rained down on a village in Veneto on Thursday, according to Metro

A far cry from the unrelenting temperatures Southern Europe has been experience this week, with Europe’s scorching heatwave hit the streets of Italy and temperatures in Rome soaring to 48°C.

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