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Travel blogger, 46, says she’s mistaken for 20-year-old in Instagram bikini pics

A 46-year-old travel blogger says she's often mistaken for a 20-year-old because of her youthful bikini snaps. 

Danielle Greentree, who has 91,000 Instagram followers, credits her appearance to her strict fitness regime, healthy eating and "good genes".

She spent the last three years documenting her travels on her Instagram page, Travel A Little Luxe, visiting more than 70 different countries – with her favourites including the Maldives, Peru, Bora Bora and Italy.

Her Instagram page is filled with stunning images of exotic holiday destinations, with inviting turquoise waters and azure skies.

Fans were quick to praise the influencer's incredible figure and timeless beauty despite her age.

Danielle said: "The reality of being forty-something means you just don't wake up in the mornings looking fresh-faced and 21 anymore.

"So, if you are thinking of becoming a fashion, lifestyle or travel influencer you will need to have a healthy dose of self esteem.

"Since I became a social media influencer I am more conscious about maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

"I grew up on the beach, and I have always been very sporty and active whilst eating healthy, so for me it comes quite easy. It keeps me on my toes particularly if I have any swimwear collaborations to do."

Danielle, who was born in Sydney, Australia, started her Instagram page solely to document a family trip to the Maldives.

She worked in finance and human resources, and said her Instagram career took off by accident.

The Australian-born influencer said: "I panicked when strangers started liking my posts as that was never my intention.

"I had no idea what a hashtag was. I didn't use Facebook so I really had no idea about global reach or the social media network.

"Really, I simply just fell into it all by accident.

"I was juggling my social media side hustle with my full-time career and being offered partnerships with brands."

Danielle attributed her success to her age, explaining how being in her 40s helped bring a fresh perspective when collaborating companies.

She added: "Being in my 40s I can bring lots of life and business experiences to any new collaboration and partnership.

"But that doesn't mean attending parties and events with the young ladies in the business of travelling isn't intimidating.

"I sometimes stand out at influencer events.

"I think they are all half my age! But that's okay, in fact it was fabulous and I had loads of fun with them.

"Those who want to walk down the same career path, particularly if it's later in life, will need self-confidence and pride.

"The ability to create inspiring and authentic content will actually help you stand out. And that's a good thing so embrace it.

"Don't compare yourself to the images we so often see on our screens of young, carefree and tanned free spirits travelling the world for free.

"You don't have to be that to be a successful social media influencer. You just need to be yourself."

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