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Travellers suffer holiday nightmare after mass vomiting on cruise amid fumes

The chemical fumes from an exterior paint job on a cruise ship caused it to dock after passengers started vomiting and feeling nauseous from the smell.

The US Coast Guard are investigating the Carnival Cruise Line ship after a chemical smell reportedly caused illnesses among passengers on board the ship in Virginia on Wednesday night, causing it to dock early Thursday.

Members of the Coast Guard boarded Carnival Magic on Thursday morning to investigate the smell when it pulled into a marina in Norfolk.

The Coast Guard tweeted that no passengers were in immediate distress.

It’s unclear how many passengers were sick, but they were “impacted by an odour from an exterior painting project,” a Carnival Cruise Line rep told The Post in a statement.

“The ship’s crew quickly reacted and provided assistance to the guests,” the statement read.

“Carnival Magic returned to Norfolk, Va, this morning as scheduled and all guests have disembarked.”

The 1,000-foot, 15-level ship can carry nearly 4,000 passengers along with 1,367 crew, according to Carnival Cruise Line.

It sails for trips up to nine days to the Bahamas, Bermuda, Canada, parts of New England and the Caribbean from Norfolk, as well as Florida and New York.

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It departed for a six-day cruise to the Bahamas, intended to mark its return to the seas after a break due to Covid-19.

The cruise ship went first to the Bimini Islands on May 23, then to the Grand Bahama Island the day after, set to arrive back at Norfolk, Virginia on May 26 at 8am.

The latest party voyage was the first cruise vacation to depart from Norfolk since 2019.

The Coast Guard was “looking into” the reports earlier Thursday, a spokeswoman told The Post, but had no additional information to provide.

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