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Trump divorce: Melania’s ‘tough’ communist upbringing will ensure she stays with Donald

Melania Trump is a ‘tough cookie’ says Piers Morgan

And this is why it is highly unlikely that the former First Lady will divorce her husband, contrary to the rumour mill. Since their White House exit, there has been intense speculation that Melania will finally break the bond with her husband and file for divorce. A White House source told CNN that the former First Lady was “checked out”, adding: “She just isn’t in a place mentally or emotionally anymore where she wants to get involved.”

Fuel was added to the speculation as Melania was filmed walking away expressionless from her husband after they had landed in Florida last week.

This was not the first time the former model had been filmed pulling away from her husband.

Over the years a number of clips have gone viral, igniting a bonfire of rumours about their relationship.

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However, a society publicist and “friendly acquaintance” of the Trumps said he was “99.9” per cent sure that there would be no separation.

R Couri Hay told the Mirror: “I’d truly be shocked if Melania formally separated and divorced from her husband.

“She grew up in a pseudo-communist difficult life.

“When she married, she wanted stability, romantic stability, financial stability, and through it all the one thing still standing is that marriage.”

Melania grew up in humble surroundings with her siblings in Sevnica in Slovenia.

Her father worked as a car and motorcycle dealer for a state-owned vehicle manufacturer near Novo Mesto, while her mother worked as a pattern maker a children’s clothing manufacturer.

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She started modelling at 16 for the legendary Slovenian fashion photographer Stane Jerko.

Her big break came when she turned 18 and signed up with a modelling agency in Milan.

While modelling in Milan she met Metropolitan Models modelling agency co-owner Paolo Zampolli, who was a friend of her future husband Donald Trump.

He persuaded her to move to the USA and became her agent in 1996, where she eventually met and married the future US President.

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