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Trump files new suit to block ‘wildly overbroad’ Cy Vance subpoena

President Trump on Monday refiled his lawsuit to block Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance from subpoenaing his tax returns — calling the prosecutor’s probe into his business “wildly overbroad.”

The amended complaint filed in Manhattan federal court comes weeks after the Supreme Court ruled Vance could forge ahead with his subpoena of eight years of Trump’s financial records from his accounting firm Mazars USA.

Trump had sued to block the subpoena on the grounds that he could not be subject to state criminal probes while in the White House. The Supreme Court rejected that suit, but said Trump could challenge the subpoena on separate grounds.

In Monday’s suit, Trump’s attorneys painted the subpoena by Vance as a fishing expedition that was issued in “bad faith” by the prosecutor.

“The District Attorney issued a grand-jury subpoena he knew was overbroad and sought irrelevant records. That the District Attorney dubiously claims he did this for ‘efficiency’ reasons does not save the subpoena from invalidation. It confirms that he lacked a goodfaith basis and that the subpoena amounts to harassment of the President,” the suit states.

Vance is reportedly investigating Trump for hush-money payments his campaign made to porn star Stormy Daniels, who claimed she had an affair with the president.

In the suit, Trump’s attorneys argue the subpoena is “wildly overbroad and is not remotely confined to the grand jury investigation that began in 2018.”

“Moreover, the subpoena demands voluminous documents that relate to topics and entities far beyond the District Attorney’s limited jurisdiction under New York law. This is not a properly tailored subpoena for the President’s records,” the suit adds.

His attorneys are seeking a judge to declare the subpoena “invalid and unenforceable.”

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