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Trump supporters 'smeared Capitol building with their own POO during violent breach,' sources say

SUPPORTERS of President Donald Trump smeared their own poo in the Capitol Building during the violent breach on Wednesday, sources said.

A source close to Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer told the Daily News that the unruly rioters relieved themselves inside the Capitol Building as chaos ensued and Trump fans protested the certification of President-elect Joe Biden’s victory.

The news outlet was told that Schumer's staffers learned about the seemingly smelly and grotesque feces incident on Thursday.

According to the source, the crazed protesters presumably defecated in one of the building's bathrooms prior to decorating the building with their bodily waste.

Remnants of feces – which was smudged on walls inside the building – was also spotted on the floor as brown "foot-prints," the source said.

"It looked like they tracked it around," the informant noted.

Trump supporters forcefully made their way into the Capitol building in a stunning bid to overturn the president's election defeat.

The source also revealed that Sen Schumer is now "dealing with proverbial s**t."

Police were confronted in the hallways as violent scenes broke out at the Capitol during the attempted coup.

US Capitol police were hit with lead pipes and chemical irritants during the attack in the House of Representatives and US Senate's home.

The shocking riots led to five people dying – one woman was shot, a police officer succumbed to his injuries a day later, and three others died from "medical emergencies."

According to current and former law enforcement officials, the Capitol breach was one of the gravest security lapses in recent US history.

National Guard soldiers were not deployed until more than an hour after the protesters began the breach.

After the attack on the US Capitol, President Trump reluctantly conceded defeat.

On Wednesday, the president said his focus will turn to a "smooth, seamless and orderly transition."

In a video message posted online Thursday evening, the outgoing president described the Capitol Hill riots as a "heinous attack on the nation's capitol."

Meanwhile, the first Republican senator to consider impeachment has dubbed Donald Trump as "wicked" and slammed him for causing an "ugly and inevitable" Capitol riot breach.

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