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Turkey: Erdogan offers to host peace talks between Russia-Ukraine as tensions surge

Moscow Journalist Jake Cordell talks political tactics on Ukraine

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World leaders were quick to condemn the Kremlin’s decision to fuel tensions in the area, despite Russia denying it is planning to invade. Yesterday, NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg announced a “significant movement” of around 30,000 Russian troops to Belarus has been seen over the last few days.

This is the biggest deployment to the country since the end of the Cold War.

US President Joe Biden said he will move US troops to NATO allies in Eastern Europe, while Boris Johnson met with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in Kiev and promised £88million in support.

The British Prime Minister also issued a warning stating any indication Russia plans on invading will be met with “a very fierce and bloody resistance.”

He continued: “I think that parents, mothers in Russia should reflect on that.”

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Mr Johnson assured Mr Zelensky, Britain would always stand up for Ukraine’s freedom.

However, Mr Erdogan, who has been President of Turkey since 2014, has a different approach to the escalating tensions and offered to hold a peace summit.

President Erdogan plans on using his close relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin along with his keen support of Ukraine to leverage the peace meeting.

He announced his plans while meeting with the Ukrainian President in Kiev.

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President Zelenskyy thanked Mr Erdogan for the move towards peace and insisted he is “ready to do everything possible in all platforms and in all formats” to ensure order is maintained in Ukraine.

Reports claim Mr Erdogan has taken up the role as “mediator between Ukraine and Russia as he believes he can talk freely and frankly” with both nations’ Presidents, reporter Sinem Koseoglu claimed.

Reporting from Istanbul, she said: “[Erdogan] says that he doesn’t like to see two neighbours in a conflict, but that as a NATO member, if Russia invades Ukraine, Turkey will do what is necessary to hold the eastern flank of the transatlantic military alliance.

“But of course, Turkey and Russia have strategic relations and strategic cooperation when it comes to Libya, Syria and Nagorno-Karabakh.

“So Erdogan needs to be very careful while dealing with this issue … as he has some national interests at stake.”

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