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Twisted paedo moaned ‘this is going to ruin my life’ as he was arrested by cops

A sick paedophile snared by an undercover cop who had been posing as a 12-year-old girl in online chats complained "this is going to ruin my life" as he was arrested.

Rohit Bindhu used a crude alias as he tried to groom what he thought was a 12-year-old girl online, graphically describing his sexual fantasies and later sending her explicit pornographic images.

When the person he was chatting to – in reality an undercover police officer – told him she was a 12-year-old girl, Bindhu sent her an image of a young girl performing a sex act on an adult man, along with the message "the younger the better".

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The NHS worker, continued to send pornographic images and videos to the girl, encouraged her to perform sex acts on herself, and made arrangements to meet and have sex with her.

He was arrested outside his workplace on June 29. His electronics were seized, and police found a huge stash of child abuse images on his phone, including 38 of the most serious category A images, 10 category B images, and five category C images.

Extreme porn depicting sex with animals was also found, along with a prohibited gif of a young child being raped.

The Liverpool Echo reports that Bindhu was also found to be in contact with a woman online, trying to buy 15 files of illegal pornography for £50.

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Appearing at Liverpool Crown Court today (Friday, January 27), Bindhu, 28, pleaded guilty to a string of offences, including three counts of making indecent photos of children, being in possession of category A B and C images, possession of extreme porn, possession of a prohibited image, attempted sexual communication with a child, arranging or facilitating a child sex offence, attempting to cause or incite a child under 13 to engage in sexual activity, inciting a child to watch a sex act, and distributing sexual images of children.

Sarah Holt, defending, said the seven months since his arrest had been "difficult" for Bindhu, who has no previous convictions.

She said: "He has only himself to blame. He knows the shame he has brought on his family. He knows better, he should have done better, he should have behaved better.

Bindhu was sentenced to five years and three months in prison, was subject to a life-long sexual harm prevention order, and will be on the sex offenders register for life.


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