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Two highly-paid BBC execs moonlighting in other jobs while enjoying salary hikes

TWO highly-paid BBC execs are moonlighting in other jobs while also enjoying salary hikes.

It comes as the corporation has been making widespread cuts, stopping free licences for the over-75s and increasing the cost of the licence to £159.

Director of strategy Gautam Rangarajan's salary jumped from £175,000 to £181,000. 

He's also a pro choir singer.

Director of quality, risk and assurance Balram Veliath's wage of between £205,000 and £209,000 rose to between £210,000 and £214,999. 

The salaries were in the BBC's 2019/20 annual report.

Mr Veliath is also a nonexec NHS Digital director, said to be on more than £5,000. 

There is no suggestion of wrongdoing by man. It comes days after the BBC axed editorial director Kamal Ahmed from his "non-job".

In February last year Ahmed, on between £205,000 and £209,999, agreed a £12,000 fee for a 40-minute appearance at a firm's conference at a time when 450 people were laid off.

A spokesman for the Taxpayers Alliance said: “Licence fee payers will be outraged that BBC bosses are getting such gigantic and huge salaries while moonlighting on other jobs.

“If they’re earning such huge salaries surely we should expect their focus to be 100 on that job in hand.

The BBC said: "We froze senior leader pay last April and all outside interests are declared and published."

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