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Two men bleed to death after being sliced by knife-wielding chicken

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In a shocking incident, two people bled to death after an attack from knife-wielding chickens during brutal cockfights, a news report has claimed. The men bled to death at packed shows in India after being slashed by the birds, which had blades strapped to their feet.

Both died in two separate incidents in India on Sunday.

Among the two victims, the first one was tying blades to his rooster’s feet ahead of a fight in Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh (a state in the South-East), when, scared by the crowd, it started flapping.

It sliced his leg and wrist, causing him to start bleeding heavily.

The 43-year-old was rushed to hospital, where he died.

On the other hand, a 20-year-old man was in the audience of a cockfight in East Godavari when he was pounced on by one of the featured birds.

It left deep cuts on his body, and he died on the way to hospital, reports New Indian Express.

The police is investigating both deaths.

Cockfighting has been a tradition within the South-East regions of India for a long time, meaning that it is hard to stomp out despite the sport being previously banned by the Indian Supreme Court in 2016.

Knives attached to the feet of the birds make them extremely dangerous, as well as being trained and conditioned for fights.

Within Andhra Pradesh, the state located on India’s South-East coast, cockfighting is a common occurrence, especially during Sankranti, an important day in the Hindu calendar.

Cockfighting has long been a tradition in the region, but many have made the sport more extreme by attaching blades to the feet of the animals.

This extreme version of the sport has been banned in India since 2018, reversing the decision of being fully banned by the Indian Supreme Court in 2016.

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Police have tried to curtail this activity in previous years but the events have garnered a lot of popular support, with hotels being booked well in advance within the Godvavari districts.

In anticipation for the crowds, organisers had pitched tents, made barricades and hired bouncers for the upcoming events.

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