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UK hits highest daily COVID-19 rate since May, India breaks own global record

The UK just recorded its highest daily total of new coronavirus cases since May, while India broke its own troubling related world record — with another 90,632 residents confirmed overnight to have the disease.

The United Kingdom announced Sunday that it registered 2,988 new infections in the past 24 hours, compared to 1,813 Saturday and a high of 2,959 on May 23.

The country’s death toll is currently the highest in Europe, at 41,551.

Meanwhile, India broke its previous global record involving positive tests in a single day — putting it on track to surpass Brazil by Monday as the nation second only to the US in terms of cases.

India now has 4.1 million confirmed cases, while the US has 6.4 million.

“We could say that we are seeing some sort of a second [coronavirus] wave in certain parts of the country,” said India government health expert Randeep Guleria, citing fatigue over restrictions as at least one reason for the virus spike.

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