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UK weather: Britain to be battered with 30C as heatwave returns on August Bank Holiday

UK weather: Met Office forecasts further scattered showers

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The Met Office has issued an update and, while they don’t confirm a heatwave, they do hint at “very warm temperatures”. British Weather Services senior meteorologist Jim Dale says temperatures could reach the high twenties.

Mr Dale said: “As it looks from the models now, around the bank holiday temperatures could be in the high 20s and the extreme would be 30C degrees.

“The southern areas might see 25C, 26C, 27C degrees and the odd 28C 29C, with the extreme getting to 30C degrees.”

Forecasters predict: “High pressure attempts to build towards the end of this period and fine, dry weather is likely to prevail for many for the remainder of August.

“Light winds are likely with plenty of sunshine, and temperatures generally warm or locally very warm.”

Looking ahead in the medium to long term weather forecast, the Met Office says: “A northwest/southeast temperature split may also develop, whereby cooler polar air will characterise the north, and the south seeing warmer temperatures from tropical air.”

Meanwhile, there is a bright start for much of England and Wales on Saturday with a few showers for the Pennines and parts of Wales.

It will stay dry in the Southeast and temperatures here will reach 24C or 25C.

Further north it will be a little cooler, staying at around 17C to 19C.

Jo Farrow, weather expert with said: “The westerly wind will continue to bring showers in off the Atlantic and there is a fading weather front over SE Britain with more cloud here.

“Thinking back just a week, southern Britain was under a second Extreme Heat warning with very warm nights and daytime temperatures into the low to mid 30sC

“This weekend, the top temperatures will be 18 to 26C.”

Across the north it will be a wet and breezy start to the weekend with rain, heavy at times and Met Office Chief Meteorologist Frank Saunders, said: “Some showers could bring the odd rumble of thunder for southern Scotland and northern England.

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“After a dry start on Sunday cloud will build from the west as the next weather system approaches, bringing rain to Cornwall and then Northern Ireland by the end of the day.

“Temperatures will be down a little on Saturday, although it will be more humid.

“A broad band of rain will move eastwards across the UK on Monday, it will be heavy in places with a risk of thunderstorms.”

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