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UK weather forecast: Heavy rain to swamp Britain as nation readies itself for drop in temp

Giving the Monday forecast, Becky Mitchell, hit things off by warning viewers of a “soggy start” to Monday, with much of the day following suit. Standing in front of a green screen map of Britain, a blanket of blue can be seen to cover the UK entirely, leaving only Ireland and some parts of Northern Ireland clear.

The rain is set to almost immediately batter Britain, with heavy spells commencing from 6am.

She said: “We’ll see a band of rain spread its way across the country through the rest of today.

“It’s quite gloomy out there too under cloudy skies – you can see plenty of cloud across Scotland this morning.

“Some heavy bursts of rain in places and that band of rain stretching down into England, Wales and southern England too.

“Over the next few hours that rain is going to gradually spread its way further east so there will eventually be some rain this morning in East Anglia and southeast England.”

Late morning will see rains persist, though in some parts brighter skies and dry weather will start to creep in.

Sunshine, first clearing the way in Northern Ireland, will edge its way over to north west England, though the band of rainfall won’t budge much.

The warmer front moving in from Northern Ireland could, Ms Micthell warns, spark thundery weather.

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She said: Some brightness further towards southwest England could trigger one heavy and thundery showers across the southwest into southern Wales and central and southern England as well.”

Temperatures will remain chilly, peaking at 17C (62F) – a far cry from August bank holiday’s scorching 33C (91F).

Going into the evening, the rain will continue to swamp southern counties, with heavy and sporadic bursts for the evening rush hour.

The north of England seems to escape much of the torrential evening rain, with just a few grey clouds tinging the sky.


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Though Monday looks set to be a gloomy start to the week, Tuesday does look more encouraging.

Ms Mitchell reassures that Tuesday is: “looking a little bit more promising though.

“It will be dry for most of us with some sunny spells – just the odd shower here and there.”

She does warn, however, that the sunny start will not maintain for the entire country.

Northwest Scotland will see heavy rain arrive in the evening.

This rain will then find its way and spread to the rest of the country, with heavy cloud cover blanketing much of the UK.

The picture is brighter for the weekend, however, as a band of high pressure will push its way up through the UK.

The high pressure means sought after high temperatures and more in the way of sunshine – a perfect start to the weekend.

Two weeks ago the UK enjoyed record temperatures, with some parts of the country hit with 33C (91F) heat.

The heatwave couldn’t have come at a better time, as August bank holiday commenced almost simultaneously with the blistering sunshine.

A month before, in July, the highest-ever UK temperature was recorded in Cambridge University Botanic Garden, when the temperature reached 38.7C (101.66F) – the previous record having been 38.5C (101.3F) in Faversham, Kent, in August 2003.

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