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UK weather forecast: Storm HELL to unleash 80mm of rain over weekend – Major alerts issued

BBC Weather: UK warned of 'thundery downpours'

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The return of unsettled conditions is set to move in from tomorrow, with weather charts showing rain is set to fall across much of the UK on Thursday. The wet weather is expected to worsen through Friday and the weekend, prompting the Met Office to issue a yellow alert. The latest weather maps show 80mm (3.1inches) of rain is set to accumulate by 9pm on Sunday.

Netweather’s precipitation map shows much of the UK turn a deep blue on Thursday evening, as rain falls across most of the nation.

The map, valid for 6pm, shows just the east of England and Scotland are set to dodge the rainfall.

Wales and parts of the west country look set to get the worst of the wet weather, with up to 5mm forecast.

Rainfall is set to get heavier overnight, with parts of northern England and Scotland expecting up to 18mm of rainfall by 9am on Friday.

By 6pm on Friday, virtually the whole of the UK is set for showers, according to the map.

The charts show similar conditions are expected through the weekend, with patches of heavy rain forecast in the north east of England on Saturday afternoon.

By Sunday the worst of the wet weather is expected to hit the south west of England.

A map, valid for 3pm, shows a huge area of green cover parts of England, indicating up to 18mm of rain is set to fall.

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Separate weather maps by WXCharts show a lot of rain is set to accumulate this weekend.

By midnight on Friday, Ireland is set to see a maximum of 62mm of rain accumulate, with the worst of the rain forecast for the north east of Scotland in the UK.

But as the rain continues to thrash Britain over the weekend, the accumulated totals rise considerably.

By 9pm on Sunday, the map shows the highest rain accumulated is set to be 80mm.

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The dark red and orange regions of the map show the worst-affected areas will be Northern Ireland, northern England, parts of Scotland and the south west of England.

The south east is set for the least amount of rain, with 9mm expected in the capital.

The Met Office has issued a yellow rain warning from 12pm-9pm today, covering parts of northern England.

A second yellow warning has been issued for Friday, from 10am until midnight.

This second alert is a thunderstorm warning and covers Northern Ireland, parts of Scotland and huge swathes of Northern England.

The forecasters warn: “Slow moving thundery downpours may cause localised surface water impacts.”

The Met Office’s weekend forecast states: “Remaining unsettled with further showers and longer spells of rain.

“Some of these will be heavy and thundery, especially across the north. Breezy at times and still rather cool.”

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