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UK Weather: Forecaster in dire Storm Eunice warning to Britons ‘Going to ravage country!’

Storm Eunice: Senior meteorologist Jim Dale on what to expect

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Mr Dale urged people not to travel on Friday as Storm Eunice is expected to hit Wales, Northern Ireland, and England hard, with winds potentially leading to disruptions and travel chaos both on the roads and travel lines. The forecaster issued a stark warning to Britons, stating that the “lump of cloud” should be taken seriously as people living in England, especially in the southwest, should brace themselves for an extraordinary “100mph gust”. The Met Office updated its previous amber weather warning to red, signalling the weather conditions expected to pose “danger to life”.

Speaking to GB News, he offered an insight into the damage Eunice could create in the next 48 hours.

He said: “Eunice is well out at sea at the moment and out in the Atlantic, some two thousand miles away.

“When you look on the satellite you say ‘it’s just a lump of cloud’ but this lump of cloud is gonna develop and intensify.

“And by 6 o’clock tomorrow morning it will be over South West Ireland so they’re gonna get the impacts first and that low sense will move north-easterly.

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“It will end up going out into the North Sea at the end of the day but it’s the daytime and this is the problem with this storm.

“It’s a daytime event and not just that it’s going to affect primarily Northern Ireland, Wales, and England in the main.

“It’s a 60, 70, 80-mile an hour gust in general and that’s just a general sort of picture.

“The coast of Wales, maybe South West England, I can well see 100-mile an hour gust which is quite exceptional.”

Storm Eunice: Senior meteorologist Jim Dale on what to expect

Asked what has triggered this particular tempest and whether climate change has got anything to do with it, Mr Dale insisted that storms have always existed and will continue to do so but more than anything it is the scale and magnitude that set them apart from each other.

He said: “Storms are storms, we’ve had them for a long time and will continue to have them.

“And the number of them I think we’re probably reaching at just above our ratio for what you might call a class winter.

“We normally see three, four, five storms, it’s about where it would be [but] the problem with these things is, it’s not just the number of them and whether they happen or not, it’s what happens on top.”


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Mr Dale added that the upcoming storm could have life-threatening repercussions as he pleaded with people not to quit their home tomorrow if they don’t have to and businesses to temporarily shut down.

He said: “How much more do you get out if you add in a little bit of climate change?

“Do we get to a certain point where it becomes so severe that it is a danger to life? Which this one.

“And we’re actually saying to people, if you don’t need to travel tomorrow then don’t, it might be a wise decision for businesses to close.

“Better to be safe than sorry because this is really gonna ravage the country through the daytime and it’s gonna be very, very difficult on the travels.”

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