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Ukraine braces for ‘more pain from skies’ as Russia strikes new deal

Ukraine to brace for ‘more pain from the skies’

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Ukraine’s ambassador to the UK Vadym Prystaiko expressed his worry about how sophisticated Iran’s ballistic missiles amid reports of a new military deal with Russia. Sky News defence editor Deborah Haynes backed up his comments and explained that a security source claimed that a new deal was finalised for the new weapons just a few days ago. Ms Haynes claimed that if these reports were true, Russian could inflict more pain from the skies on Ukraine. 

Mr Prystaiko told Sky News: “What we’re afraid of is the reports of much more sophisticated ballistic missiles which Iran is about to sell to Russia.

“They still have to be investigated, but this report is a real threat.”

Ms Haynes added: “Iran has denied the allegation, as for Russia it previously dismissed claims it’s using Iranian drones in Ukraine.

“But the security source claimed a new deal was finalised just a few days ago, if true it could bring more pain from the skies.”

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The unmanned UAVs have been used to amp up terror among Ukrainians as the drones have been unleashed to strike several civilian targets in recent weeks.

The founding director of the Iran Program at the Middle East Institute based in Washington DC, Alex Vatanka, has warned of just how deadly Irains drones can be.

Mr Vatanka told “Drones are something the Iranians have been working on for some time.

“They clearly have an inventory; they have proven that the drones are capable back in 2019, they struck a number of targets in Saudi Arabia.

“That was the operation that surprised the world.

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“Nobody knew Iranian drones could do that. But they did.

“We can’t laugh off Iranian drones and just say they are a joke. Clearly, they’re not a joke, because they’ve proven themselves.”

Russia’s use of the deadly drone has caused significant damage to valuable infrastructure in Ukraine, along with devastating losses to the civilian population.

Russian dictator Vladimir Putin has been trying to bolster his weapons in order to try and succeed in Ukraine.

Putin has created a new committee in Russia, to churn out weapons for his troops on the frontlines.

Despite Iranian officials denying allegations that they are supplying Russia with drones, new reports have shown the shipment of drones to Russia from Iran via air and sea routes.

The National Resistance Center wrote: “According to the documents, the Iranians transport spare parts for civil aviation through the Bandar Anzali port.

“The destination is Astrakhan or Makhachkala. They are transported on ships belonging to the Iranian Industrial Company (controlled by the IRGC).

“In early November, 200 drones are expected to arrive in Astrakhan by sea in a disassembled state.”

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