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Ukraine getting better wargear from us than British Army has, fumes minister

Our armed forces minister is absolutely livid, as he believes the UK is providing Ukraine with a higher standard of military kit than it is to our own troops.

On March 23, a furious James Heappey refused to pull any punches as he laid into the current situation.

He told Times Radio: “I find it nuts that I can procure stuff at speed for the Ukrainian armed forces that make them, in some cases, more sophisticated in their sensors and more lethal in their munitions than the UK is.

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“We’ve seen the speed with which we can make a difference for Ukraine.

"So why on earth wouldn’t we want to do that for our own armed forces?”

As per The Sun, the UK has gone above and beyond to support their ally, giving them a squad of challenger tanks, 200 armoured vehicles, 200,000 artillery rounds and 10,000 anti-tank missiles.

Consequently, to make up for all the stock sent out, our military chiefs are having to take drastic measures, by purchasing ammo from South Asia.

Therefore, our armed forces minister is doing his utmost to ensure that members of the UK armed forces start to receive the support that they deserve.

In a bid to turn the tide, Heappey has called on the defence industry, innovators and “military cunning” to help boost his troops' capabilities.

March's budget included an £11 billion increase in spending, with a No10 spokesperson claiming: "This government’s completely committed to defence."

However, this isn't enough to make things right with Heappey, who will only be satisfied when he believes that the UK soldiers are receiving the same treatment as the Ukrainians.

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