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Ukrainian mechanics turn Russian tanks back onto their creators

Ukraine: Russian soldier films destroyed Russian tanks

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Ukrainian mechanics are working overtime to transform captured and damaged Russian tanks into vehicles intended to be used against their creators, new reports have shown. The Sun has been given access to a secret workshop where teams of specialists furtively work on revamping Russian tanks claimed on the battlefield, and images have shown the workhorse T-72 B3s being repurposed.

Russia has lost roughly 2,000 tanks from its force of just over 3,000 since Putin began his invasion on February 24 last year, according to the latest figures from the International Institute of Strategic Studies.

And while Western powers have been pledging their main battle tanks, for which military analysts have told there is no comparable Russian equivalent – their main battle T-90s are underdeveloped and not ready for combat, according to the British MoD – Ukraine is making use of what they capture themselves.

As recently-mobilised Russian soldiers continue to roll into Ukraine, Ukrainian mechanics have been working to restore enemy tanks.

Their commander, Ihor, told the paper: “The whole world is with Ukraine. Even the Russians are donating so much to our armed forces.”

More than 500 tanks, ranging from Cold War-era T-62s to Russia’s latest T-90M models, have allegedly been captured.

Hundreds more have been left destroyed by Ukrainian strikes, with some on display in Kyiv and across the Baltic capitals.

Farmers towed captured tanks off the battlefield days after Putin invaded, sparking morale-boosting internet memes.

In some cases, Russian troops had abandoned their multi-million pound vehicles, while others were killed and the vehicles taken.

The T-72 B3 pictured in the report was captured in rural Kharkiv province when Russian troops fled in chaos from a lightning counter-offensive last September.

The T-72 B3 is regarded as the workhorse of the Russian military vehicles, and as a result, Ukraine has destroyed more of that model than any other on the battlefield, according to the International Institute of Strategic Studies

The upgraded model entered service ten years ago, in 2013.

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The soldiers repairing the tank asked not to be identified to avoid revealing exactly where it was captured or where it had been repaired.

Their mechanics dragged it into a warehouse to hide it from Russian drones that carried out surveillance from the skies.

But the commander Ihor added that despite their work, Ukraine “still need tanks from the West”.

He said: “The latest Western tanks are much better than Russia’s equipment. Russia has so many troops, so many tanks, so many heavy weapons, that we need better weapons to beat them.”

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