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UK's most married man – who's had eight wives – to make film about his love life

BRITAIN’S most married man is having a film made about his love life.

Ron Sheppard, 73, has wed eight times and was even planning a ninth until he got cold feet.

Oscar-winning German producer Sven Ebeling’s West Coast Pictures will produce the film — titled The Wife Collector.

The filmmaker got interested after seeing Ron’s 2014 autobiography — The Lord Of The Wedding Rings.

Jude Law, 48, is tipped to play Ron — while ex-EastEnder Joe Swash, 39, is also in the frame.

Ron, of Somerton, Somerset, first got married in 1966. His last marriage ended in 2016.

He said: "It's a really strange thought to think my life is going to be the subject of a movie, but I'm loving it.

"I've had a remarkable life by any standard and I think it's a great story, which is why I wrote my autobiography in 2014.

"It was the book that got the movie people interested and I met up with Sven Ebeling to talk about it.

"He was thrilled at the prospect of making it into a movie and told me my life was completely unique."

The retired entertainment manager – dubbed Lord of the Wedding Rings – was first married aged 19 in 1966.

Ron's last marriage – and his longest – lasted 12 years. He has been single ever since but has not given up hope of a ninth.

He added: "I would marry again, I'd never rule that out if I met the right lady.

"I've been single for five years now and I hate it.

"Having nine or 10 partners in your lifetime isn't unusual, all I've done is the right thing and married them all.

"I had a psychologist once who told me I was addicted to love.

"Maybe that's true but there are a lot of worse things you could be addicted to.
"I guess when the film comes out I might make a few quid from it."

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