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‘UK’s worst KFC’ sees staff ‘spit on floor’ as customers ‘vomit and cry in pain’

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    A KFC restaurant dubbed “the worst in Britain” is so bad that customers have vowed to never return to the fast-food chain again after they were left “vomiting every five minutes and crying in pain”.

    The popular chicken brand’s branch on Brixham Road in Devon has a whopping 216 reviews rating it as terrible, with just 35 people out of 321 giving it five stars.

    It ranks the lowest out of more than 900 KFC stores throughout the UK with customers claiming it gave them food poisoning and has slow service and poor hygiene.

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    One fuming customer wrote on Tripadvisor: “Considering KFC only sell chicken, I think it is pathetic how they can run out of chicken during the day.

    “This is like going to a swimming pool which has no water."

    Aother gutted visitor claimed their chicken was “undercooked” and said: “This has practically made me paralysed.

    “I spent the first day and night vomiting every five minutes. And crying in pain. Then tossed and turned unable to sleep.

    “I have been trying desperately hard to eat over the past few days but have been unable to do so. It is physically difficult to breath.

    “I don’t think I’ll EVER be having a KFC again.”

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    Someone else added: “(My) order was wrong and we were called liars for telling them.

    “I actually saw a staff member spit on the floor while serving me thru the drive thru hatch.”

    A fourth seething customer said the “stench” of the toilets was “disgusting” and “my hands were cleaner before I went in”.

    A KFC spokesperson told DevonLive: “The Colonel is passionate about his food always being finger lickin’ good, so we’re sorry to see these reviews.

    “The restaurant has a good hygiene rating and the management team are working hard to improve reviews.

    “We always encourage our fans to get in touch when things don’t go to plan so we can try and make it right as quickly as possible.”

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