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UK's WTO ambassador: It is dawning on other members there is a possibility of no Brexit deal

LONDON (Reuters) – It is dawning on other members of the World Trade Organization that there is a possibility Britain leaves the European Union without a deal, Britain’s Ambassador to the WTO said on Tuesday.

With less than five months until Britain is due to leave the EU on March 29, Britain is yet to clinch an exit agreement. Even if a deal is reached, it remains unclear whether Prime Minister Theresa May can get any deal approved by parliament.

Asked whether there had been a shift in the dynamic within the WTO as a result of this, Julian Braithwaite told a committee of British lawmakers: “I think it is dawning on them that actually, something that I don’t think they actually ever really thought was a possibility … which is the possibility that we might leave without a deal.”

“If you are being prudent you make sure you have got some insurance policies in place and one of those insurance policies … is just getting our house in order at the WTO.”

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