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‘Ungrateful’ cat bites owner during 20ft window rescue plunge, causing infection

A cat owner has been forced to undergo emergency surgery after being bitten by her cat during a daring rescue attempt.

Kate Gill was tragically left with a potentially fatal infection after the 'ungrateful diva' cat sunk its fangs into her hand while she saved the moggie from a 20ft plunge out the window.

The 27-year-old was at home when she reportedly heard a horrific shriek coming from upstairs that sounded like 'a small child screaming'.

Terrified by the squeals, she ran upstairs to spot her much-loved rescue cat Daisy's two back legs clinging to the window frame, Daily Record reports.

Fearful that Daisy was going to plummet to the ground, Kate, a shop owner from Fife grabbed onto her back legs and called for help from her husband.

While clasping onto Daisy, the feline reportedly began to sink her sharp teeth into the back of her left hand.

Relieved that the cat was safe, Kate rinsed her bleeding hand under a tap, applied antiseptic cream, wrapped it in a bandage and thought nothing else of it.

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But hours later her bandaged hand had started to swell so she went to A&E where she was given a tetanus shot and antibiotics.

The medication didn't help and the hand continued to grow, just doubling in size 24 hours later.

Kate was rushed to hospital where she underwent an operation to clean out the infected wound.

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Kate, from Gauldry, said: "My mum lives a couple of doors down and apparently she could hear all the commotion but didn't understand where it was coming from.

"[Once we got her down] I just ran [my hand] under a lukewarm tap and then I put antiseptic cream and some plasters on it.

"I hoped it would be ok, it wasn't until later that night that it started causing me issues. It started swelling up a little bit and I couldn't move my middle finger."

Kate is now sharing her story to urge people to get cat bites and scratches checked out and not just dismiss them as minor injuries.

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Kate added: "I was just trying to be nice but she was ungrateful, it's the last time I'll ever do a good deed.

"When I came home from hospital Daisy wasn't repentant at all. She had no clue what had gone on. She's quite a sassy cat, she's definitely got a bit of diva in her.

"It was such a shock because I've always had cats growing up and obviously when they're playing or they're in a bad mood I've been bitten or scratched before nothing this drastic has ever happened.

"People assume dog bites would be worse but the doctor said cat bites are so much worse because of how small and sharp their teeth can be.

"They can get the infection down deeper and because it's a smaller hole it can close up.

"If you get scratched or bitten it's worth getting it checked out."

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