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Urban explorer finds ‘time warp’ abandoned farm with treasures and royal items

A treasure-filled abandoned farm, which looks like it has been stuck in a time warp, has been found.

Urban explorer Daniel Sims, 32, filmed his exploration of the Yorkshire farm for his YouTube channel Bearded Reality.

The farm appears to have been abandoned in the last 10 or so years, but contains a myriad of expensive-looking items, old-fashioned televisions and dated furnishings throughout the home.

The bedroom contained bags of old vinyl records and, creepily, a doll wrapped in a blanket and placed inside a cradle.

Many large, framed old paintings adorned the walls in the hallway, while the bathroom housed a Jacuzzi and a nightie.

It also contained toothbrushes and the usual bathroom items.

It is not clear who owned the farm, or why it has been left to rot in such a state.

Other rooms were found to contain children's toys and board games, while figurines, and an old-fashioned television were also spotted.

Mr Sims told the Daily Mail: “The main area that caught my surprise was in the basement where the majority of the collectables where squirreled away and other random antiques.

“To the right people and collectors some of these individual items could be worth hundreds.

“We were left wondering why such a place had become like this – we were blown away by everything we saw.”

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This is not the explorers first discovery like this, either.

For a video posted this week at a farm – which appears to be in Wales – contains similar discoveries.

The farm, which appears to have been abandoned around 1998 – as evidenced by the vast array of newspapers from that year – is filled with large paintings, antiques and more.

It does appear, from the video, that some of what remains in the farm is of value, especially a rare-looking tin from the Queen's jubilee from 1977.

Throughout the property, which is now in a state of disrepair, there are old family photos, dating back to the early 1900s, and, for some reason, an animal school on a table.

The kitchen contains long-forgotten equipment, such as a Caddymatic, which was essentially a tea caddy attached to the side of a kitchen cupboard.

Two family photos are dated from 1956, too, showing a young couple on, what appears to be, some kind of old-fashioned cruise liner.

There is also a photo in the kitchen of, what can be assumed, was the elderly couple who owned the farm.

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Another cupboard in the kitchen is full of food and drink – some of it containing very old versions of current products, such as a tub of Lift energy drink powder, with an old design dating back around 30 years.

A bottle of ketchup with a use-by date of 2001 is also identified.

The upper floor of the home contains several old trinkets, and get well soon cards – there is also a lot of Welsh items around the property.

The basement of the building contains even more items and several other expensive-looking items.

Urban exploration has boomed in popularity recently, as the coronavirus lockdowns meant that people had a lot of time on their hands to go walking and exploring – this has resulted in many YouTubers in that field finding a growth in popularity.

Another urban explorer, known as Urbex Muse, recently revealed the contents of a suitcase found in another abandoned house on her Instagram after wandering the eerie former home of a border which she has dubbed 'grandma's house.'

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