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Urban explorers fined for breaching lockdown to visit ‘serial killer hospital’

Six urban explorers have been branded "dangerous idiots" after they were caught wandering around the derelict hospital where serial killer Beverley Allitt worked.

Police fined the individuals who were in "breach of lockdown" for travelling to Grantham Hospital on Saturday.

All six were given fixed penalty notices and Lincolnshire's assistant chief constable, Kerrin Wilson, branded the group "dangerous" for "putting people’s lives at risk."

The derelict hospital is infamous for the sadistic killings of four children, and the attempted murder and grievous bodily harm of three others, by Beverley Alitt.

Alitt is understood to have committed the crimes over a period of 59 days from February to April 1991 in the children's ward at Grantham and Kesteven Hospital.

She had been a state enrolled nurse and is believed to have administered large doses of insulin to at least two of her victims.

A large air bubble was found in the body of another, but police were unable to establish how all the attacks were carried out

In May 1993 she received thirteen life sentences at Nottingham Crown Court and was called a "serious danger" to others.

Grantham is still an operational NHS hospital but large parts of the site are derelict after services were reduced.

On Sunday, Sgt Dan McCormack said: "6 Covid fines issued to group of urban explorers who have travelled from 3 different counties to have a look around the derelict parts of the hospital at #Grantham.

"Not on. Not essential and simply a breach of the lockdown."

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Ms Wilson also tweeted: "These people are not just covid idiots, they are dangerous. They are putting people's lives at risk.

"Lincolnshire Police will continue to do all we can to tackle this and support the public health ethos.

"But it is also my colleagues who are at risk because of this behaviour. Selfish."

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