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Uri Geller says fans need to visualise Kane and Sterling for England glory

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Spoon bender Uri Geller has told every single England fan to visualise Raheem Sterling, Harry Kane and co scoring to secure Euro 2020 final glory.

The Three Lions face Italy on Sunday in what is the nation's biggest football match in 55 years.

Uri, who spent years living in England, has thrown his support behind Gareth Southgate's men in recent weeks and said fans need to say out loud: "England have won the Euros" and touch a picture of him as the game kicks off.

The 74-year-old told the Daily Star: "There has to be a total and utter belief that England will win. Fans need to visualise goals being scored.

"They need to say out loud three times: 'England have won the Euros.' Supporters need to see the movie of the match played out in their mind.

"Whatever you have around the house that you think will bring good luck, touch it, keep it near you, everything becomes a tool for the power of your mind.

"I am going to unleash all my energy to help win this for England."

Bookmakers predict more than 30 million people will be watching England take on Italy at Wembley.

Self-proclaimed psychic Uri said every single one of those has to "think positive" to secure an historic victory and win a first major trophy since the 1966 World Cup.

His apparent ability to influence football matches began when he claimed to move the ball on the penalty spot to help England beat Scotland in Euro 96.

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The Israeli-British illusionist then said he helped Scotland draw against England earlier in Euro 2020, before he turned his attentions to helping the Three Lions secure a glorious victory.

Uri claimed he influenced England's win against Germany, saying he "made the ball bend" to deny Thomas Müller a seemingly certain goal in the last 16 clash between the bitter rivals.

He dismissed "cynics and skeptics" who doubt his abilities, and said England fans need to follow his lead and believe in the "powers of the mind" to secure victory during the crunch encounter with Italy.

He said: "I believe in the powers of the mind and positive thinking.

"The energy and vibrations you can give to the players are all attached."

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