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Vicar turns into the Blues Brothers during live-streamed service

He’s on a mission from God! Hilarious moment vicar turns into one of the Blues Brothers during live-streamed church service in Zoom filter gaffe

  • Reverend Vaughan Roberts led live-streamed church service with comical filter 
  • Opened service at church in Warwick but accidentally had Blues Brothers filter 
  • Believes his wife Mandy selected it by accident and had struggled to change it
  • The hilarious incident has become a hit on social media, with thousands of views 

A vicar has become an online sensation after a Zoom filter blunder accidentally turned him into one of the Blues Brothers during a live-streamed church service.

Reverend Vaughan Roberts, 62, proved he really is on a Mission from God after the hilarious mishap left him resembling Joliet Jake Blues from the hit 1980 movie.

Comical footage shows Rev Roberts welcoming the online congregation at St Mary’s Church, in Warwick, wearing a black fedora hat and sunglasses on his face.

Reverend Vaughan Roberts, 62, opened his Sunday service in Warwick with a bang when he accidentally had a Blues Brothers filter on

He stands up to address the congregation as normal but as he begins to speak to hilarious filter appears. 

Throughout the video it appears intermittently as he looks down at the paper he is holding and reappears when he looks directly at the camera.  

He believes his wife Mandy, 62, inadvertently selected the filter while setting up his mobile phone to record the service last Sunday.

When she couldn’t rectify the error she quietly told her husband during the first hymn to remain seated for the sermon as the filter only appeared while he stood at the altar.

The hilarious footage, showing Rev Roberts looking like John Belushi’s comedy character, has since racked up thousands of views on social media.

The morning service normally has between 20-30 viewers but at least 2,500 people have now tuned in to watch the hilarious clip on the Facebook page. 

Rev Roberts said a button must have accidentally been pressed while setting up for the Sunday service and joked: ‘At least it wasn’t Rambo or the Godfather.’

He said: ‘It just happened by complete chance.

The comical church service opening started off normally as Reverend Vaughan Roberts approached the camera but as he began to speak the filer appeared, cutting out intermittently 

Rev Roberts said: ‘I suppose it’s meant to be Joilet – because I look a lot more like John Belushi than the Elwood Blues.

‘Unlike in the film, I did not go cartwheeling down the aisle.

‘It wasn’t until I got home and photographs and videos were pinging around on social media I realised it was a Blues Brothers filter.’ 

‘Thankfully it was only on my face for a couple of minutes while I was doing the welcome,’ Rev Roberts said.

‘If I had gone back out to do the sermon without noticing it would’ve been on my face for the whole 45 minutes. 

‘It was quite fitting it was the Blues Brothers. In the film they are on a mission from God to raise money for the nuns in the orphanage where they grew up by doing concerts. while we are trying to raise £2million to fund urgent repairs to our landmark tower to avoid its closure.’

While acknowledging the hilarity of the situation, Reverend Vaughan Roberts (pictured) said he would not be making the filters a regular feature of his live stream services

Despite laughing off the mishap, Rev Vaughan Roberts said his Zoom disguise will not become a weekly tradition at the historic 900-year-old church.

He added: ‘Although some of the congregation are speculating how I will dress up this Sunday I can assure them it was an accident and a one off.’ 

On social media viewers said it had ‘made their day’ after the video quickly went viral, being shared thousands of times.

Tom Caswell wrote: ‘You should do this every week – Rev Roberts proving he is definitely a Soul Man right there.’

Ben Kingston added: ‘I was just waiting for him to start cartwheeling down the aisles with James Brown asking, Can you see the light?!’

Stephen Keen said: ‘This has truly brightened up my day. Funniest thing I have seen in a long time.’

Similar gaffes have taken place as people across the globe have had to rely on Zoom calls to continue providing services. 

In Burtonport, Donegal, last week Father Pat Ward somehow managed to play a rap song by grime artist Black the Ripper at the start of his blessing. 

During an online Mass at a church in Donegal Father Pat suffered some technical difficulties when a rap song began playing over his opening blessing

He only makes it through ‘in the name of the Father, and of the son’ before the music cuts across him and booms around the church. 

Father Pat tries to continue despite the mishap but suddenly the words ‘Ok, it’s Black the Ripper’ interrupts him and he is forced to try and turn the music off.

Eventually, a few seconds into the rap titled Young Prophet, he managed to pause the music and he can be heard chuckling at the incident. 

‘Black the Ripper, a wee bit of rap in the morning wakes you up,’ he joked. 

And in Texas, a lawyer accidentally left a kitten filter on during a Zoom hearing in February, hilariously telling the judge ‘I’m not a cat’ as he frantically tried to remove the animated image.

The amusing mishap happened to Presidio County attorney Rod Ponton during a live streamed hearing this morning for the 394th Judicial District Court of Brewster. 

The amusing mishap happened to attorney Rod Ponton during a live streamed hearing this morning for the 394th Judicial District Court of Brewster

The video begins with presiding judge Roy Ferguson telling Ponton: ‘I believe you have a filter turned on in video settings and you might want to turn it off.’

Ponton is then heard letting out a panicked ‘aghh’, as the cat filter over his face begins shifting its eyes back-and-forth and moving its mouth in unison with his voice.

‘Can you hear me judge,’ the feline-emblazoned Ponto is heard asking, his voice quivering.

Ferguson confirms that he can hear Ponton and reiterates that he believes he has a filter switched on. 

‘It is [a filter]’, Ponton hastily interjects. ‘And I don’t know how to remove it. I’ve got my assistant here, she’s trying to, but ahhh I’m prepared to go forward with it… I’m here live, I’m not a cat.’  

Last month a US House committee hearing also witnessed a Zoom blunder when a Minnesota congressman accidentally flipped his Zoom video upside down. 

The hilarious moment starring GOP Rep Tom Emmer (pictured) has since gone viral and shows the congressman speaking about job security amid the pandemic during the House Financial Services Committee meeting until he’s interrupted about appearing upside down 

The hilarious moment starring GOP Rep Tom Emmer went viral and showed the congressman speaking about job security amid the pandemic during the House Financial Services Committee meeting until he’s interrupted. 

‘Will the gentleman suspend?’ Committee Chairwoman Rep Maxine Waters is heard  asking.

‘I’m sorry, Mr Emmer. Are you okay?’ she asked him as their colleagues snickered in the background. ‘I am,’ Emmer responded.

Another person yelled out: ‘You’re upside down, Tom.’ Emmer then said: ‘I don’t know how to fix that.’ 

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