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VIDEO: Moment six cars crash on Thailand road

Bumper cars! Moment SIX vehicles are rear-ended after driver brakes when pedestrian walks out into the road

  • Six cars were damaged after drivers failed to brake in time on a Thai road
  • A pedestrian crossing the busy road caused a pick up truck to brake heavily 
  • Despite being daylight and dry, a number of the motorists failed to stop in time 

This is the moment six cars were involved in a shunt on a busy road in Thailand. 

Footage captured on the dashcam of an SUV reversing into a parking space showed the cars crash on the street. 

Moments before the collision, a tuk tuk makes its way slowly along the nearside carriage way before it comes to a halt when a man attempts to cross the road.  

This is the moment an SUV had ploughed into the car in front having not seen the traffic jam until too late. The cars were forced to brake heavily after a pedestrian was seen in the middle of the road

Moments later, a pick up truck shunted into the car in front pushing it forward into another car which was then pushed into the SUV involved in the earlier smash

An pick up truck on the outside lane braked heavily after spotting the pedestrian.  Two cars managed to stop safely behind the truck. 

Despite it being a clear and drive day, several of the motorists did not see the cars ahead and crashed into the vehicle ahead. One car was shoved into the vehicle in front by an SUV. 

The driver behind the SUV managed to stop in time, but unfortunately for them, the two vehicles behind were shunted forward by another pick up truck. 

The incident took place on May 23. It is not known whether anyone was injured in the series of low speed impacts. 

Ordinarily, in concertina collisions such as this involving three or more cars, the motorist at the rear is normally liable for the crash – as long as the car in the middle was stationary.  

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