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Visiting The BAUMA Construction Equipment Trade Fair

It was a trade fair that went off the charts, a runaway success to say the least. Attracting more than half a million visitors and holding a showcase for more than 3700 exhibitors ranging from Kubota, Kobelco, Hitachi, Caterpillar, Bobcat, Volvo CE and many other industry leaders. The event’s most popular product were the various prototype excavators, mini excavators, standard and large excavators, followed by dumpers and hydraulic attachments. There was a sharp rise in the number of foreign visitors hailing from more than 200 countries which resulted in outstanding sales figures for all the exhibitors who participated. The trade fair for not just construction machinery, but also building material machines, construction vehicles, construction equipment and mining machines generated the best results in the exhibition which has under its belt a 65 year solid track record. There was a rise in the number of visitors that attended by more than 40,000 which was a steep climb from the previous event that was held in 2016.

From the more than 600,000 visitors nearly half hailed from outside Germany such as visitors from Italy, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, France, Russia, the Czech Republic, Sweden, Poland and as well as the UK. BAUMA 2019 also saw a strong rise in attendance from visitors hailing from China, Australia and Japan. The fact that that the trade fair encompassed 614,000 meters of space and it was filled to the brim with visitors attests to the fact that BAUMA came through with flying colours this time around, better than ever before. Among the drivers behind the success of the event included the large number of innovative new products that were showcased by the industry’s ‘top dogs’ such as Zeppelin/Caterpillar, BOBCAT, and KOMATSU with their more than 20 product debut. The event’s impact on the sales targets of the exhibitors were simply put ‘overwhelming’. Exhibitors were eager to invest in future BAUMA trade shows based solely on the level of sales that they were managed to achieve during the period.

BAUMA as an innovative and economic platform

The smooth and flawless execution of the trade exhibition and the positive feedback received from exhibitors left Klaus Dittrich, who is the Chairman and CEO of Messe München satisfied to the extent that he quoted “The trade show is indeed the most important innovative and economic platform for industry players”. The sweeping technological changes that we are witnessing in pockets across the globe come together at BAUMA and this has led to a healthy race among competitors towards achieving targets such as de-carbonization, zero-emissions and autonomous machines especially towards the most critical products such as excavators.  Electric powered excavators stole the show as almost every player in the industry had their own version of mini excavators for hire that were more powerful, more versatile and more robust. Exhibitors that took part in the event confirmed the fact that it was indeed the most successful BAUMA event in the last 65 years in terms of the wide ranging offerings, sales and concept. Everything went like clockwork, no hiccups, no issues and no disgruntled visitors or exhibitors, what more could one expect!