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Watch skin-crawling moment a RAT crawls up sleeping commuter's leg on New York subway train | The Sun

THIS is the skin-crawling moment a rat was seen crawling over a sleeping commuter on the subway in New York City.

Shocking video has been widely shared online and viewed hundreds of thousands of times on TikTok and Twitter.

The footage shows a man in a blue puffer jacket and a Nike hat sleeping on a train heading towards City Hall in New York.

And then suddenly the rodent comes scurrying around his feet as the cameraperson zooms in for a better view.

The rat can then clearly be seen scurrying over his foot and then up his leg before starting to ascend his torso.

Clambering over him, the dozing man sits slumped in his seat – none the wiser of his new little friend.

The rat then goes up onto his shoulders, taking a seat behind his neck.

And with the creature perched on his back, the man finally wakes up.

With a confused expression, the man then puts his hands to feel the probably quite tickly sensation on his back.

He seemingly then realises what is happening and stands bolt upright.

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The rat then drops to the floor before trotting off under the seat on the train.

Video of the rat appears to have been first shared by Twitter user Jaz (@Jazzie654).

It's unclear when the clip was filmed – but has only now surfaced online.

"I didn't realize there are rats on NY Subways or any Subway," wrote Jaz.

The video has been viewed more than 755,000 times as of time of publication on Twitter.

And it has been viewed more than 14 million times on TikTok after being shared by the account SubwayCreatures.

"That reaction wasn’t urgent enough for me," the user, who regularly shares footage from the trains beneath NYC, shared along with the clip.

TikTokers were stunned by the video – and impressed by the man's relatively level headed reaction.

"New fear unlocked," wrote one.

Another added: "bro was too calm i thought they knew each other."

"New York must be too use to this. If that ever happened in London the whole carriage would be screaming and it would be on the news!," another wrote.

Others said "bro was so chill", "I can't believe how calm he was", and "why didn't anybody say anything to him!".

Some speculated the animal may actually be his pet, but others pointed to his confused reaction to the end when he realised what was happening to him as proof the footage was not staged.

And it is not the first time such an incident has been filmed, with other videos available online showing rats on the subway – including numerous crawling other unsuspecting people.

It comes after the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene confirmed rat sightings had doubled in 2022.

“It’s frightening. It’s unsettling. It’s unsafe. And it’s unhealthy,” said Chany Marcus, one local resident told NBC New York.

Roxanne Burey, another NYC local, said: "Everybody walks in the middle of the street because [the rats] are running on the sidewalks"

Health inspectors documented about 60,000 instances of rodent activity across the five boroughs of New York.

City Hall however said the increase was down to an increase in the amount of visits by inspectors.

Before Covid, health inspectors recorded about 31,000 rodent sightings in 255,000 property visits in 2018.

But last year, inspectors conducted about 5,000 fewer property visits – but still documented 93 per cent more rat sightings.

Council Member Julie Menin blames the cutbacks on garbage collection.

"It’s reached a breaking point, a crisis point in the city," she said.

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