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We're mums and we can't go for a walk with our pushchairs because of the council – it's diabolical | The Sun

FURIOUS mums are struggling to go for a walk with their pushchairs because of council-installed barriers. 

Mum-of-triplets Natalie Jackson, 29, has had to downsize and carry one of her kids in a sling during the morning school run. 

She said the alternative route would be an extra 40 minutes each way for a journey that should take 10-15 minutes.

Natalie told The Sun: "As it wouldn't be fair on my almost five-year-old to walk that, I bought a double buggy and wear the third in a sling.

"It is okay for now but it's becoming harder as they get bigger and heavier! But not all buggy's fit through."

And friend Rebecca Furze, 34, said she cannot take her triplets to pre-school if she wants to walk there, meaning she has to get them in and out of the car twice. 


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The barriers in Sittingbourne, Kent, are intended to stop motorbikes but the mums said they have a huge impact on their lives.

Natalie, who has five-month-old triplets, Albert, Arthur and Alice, told KentOnline: “I get why they are there but it is such a struggle for mums with pushchairs.

“We have had to purchase a small double and I have to wear the third triplet in a sling to get my son to school.

"This is working for now as the babies are almost six months but I worry about how I am meant to continue this as they get bigger and heavier."

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Rebecca added: "It just blocks our access to that side of town.

"There is another way we can go but when you're pushing three babies in a buggy, it is just really inconvenient.

"I know a few parents of twins and parents that have got babies close in age with double buggies that can't access the other side of the barriers.

"The barriers are meant to stop motorbikes, but in the six years that I've lived in this area, the motorbikes still go up and down that pathway, regardless of the fact that the barriers are there to stop them."

Natalie said she has tried to contact Kent county council but has heard nothing back.

She said: "We want these barriers removed. There is nothing else I can see that will solve this problem.

"The anti-motorbike gates need to go because otherwise I am going to have this issue until the three of my babies are out of push chairs."

A council spokesman said: “Our officers received multiple requests from the local community to look at installing these restrictions in 2018 to prevent motorbikes using the route.

“We carefully consider the needs of all users and try to find the right balance to get the best solution for the majority of residents.

"The restrictor is designed to allow mobility scooters, single buggies and tandem prams as well as bicycles with narrow handlebars.

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“They were also installed wider than the recommended measurement, allowing extra room for people to get through.

“While there have been no reported motorbike incidents here since the restrictors were installed, we will review the installation of the barriers at this location.”

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