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West Island community organization fighting to save vital program

“We just finished a five-year grant from the National Crime Prevention Canada,” explained Ron Swan, the centre’s executive director.

Now, the organization only has enough money to continue its programs until the end of the year.

“It breaks my heart,” Swan said, adding that hundreds of families rely on their services.

The community group works with families and children dealing with behavioural issues.

Especially crucial is the SNAP program.

“It’s an acronym for ‘stop now and plan,” Swan said.

“The problem is that they make very poor decisions. We help them to better manage their emotions and and to make better choices in the moment at home, at school, in the community.”

For Isabelle Johnson, SNAP was a game-changer.

“We used the services last year for our third child who was going through some issues with his behaviour and causing lots of problems,” the mother of four said.

Johnson explained her nine-year-old was dealing with a lot of anger, wasn’t making any friends and was fighting and yelling all the time.

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